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Australian family-owned Hosting & VPS since 2010. 🇦🇺
Carbon-negative via NEXTneutral & Stripe Climate! 🌳

We’re hosting industry veterans…

10+ years of Linux Servers.

We re-define Managed Linux Servers and the Hosting they power, and keep it Australian! Our reliable “Cluster & Serve” platforms are designed to over-deliver 24/7. They’re backed by our Australian crew of hands-on Technical Legends, all united with can-do attitudes and a vision to “do good while doing good”. Prompt, personalised, passionate & honest.

Underpinning everything that we do is our relentless pursuit of Service Excellence – we believe that it’s criminal to charge for a service and not deliver 100% with a smile. Our crew are here to deliver Australian Managed Solutions & Automations backed by detail-focused support.

The result? Mission-critical Service 24/7.

Despite much of our industry being swallowed up by off-shore mobs with little regard for the people and businesses paying their bills, we remain proudly Australian family-owned and carbon-negative! Our high-performing systems are built around our 4 Pillars – Reliability, Security, Flexibility & Performance – while caring for the future 24/7.

We empower your team & business with our crew, so you can focus on delivering – and working for a better life! In 2023, we developed software to help resolve a key problem our clients were experiencing with WordPress sites. That’s our style. There’s so much to show you.

Focused on reliable, secure & agile solutions…

Premium systems. No bulls#!t.

In countries as unique as our beautiful island nations, that means ensuring that those without town water & power out in the sticks, through to everyone out in bustling regional hubs & beyond into the major CBDs are properly cared for 24/7.

Focusing on what we do and always striving to improve, we:

  • Operate industry-leading Infrastructure
  • Integrate with premium Technical Partners
  • Never cut any corners, nor sugar-coat anything
  • Are focused on Feedback enabling positive changes
  • Prioritise service Quality & Sustainability over low fees

Always putting in 100% for our legendary clients.

LEOPARD.host has been refined to deliver best-in-breed Linux-powered Hosting Solutions, whatever your limitations – we will guide you, enable you and propel you with our best-practices driven methodologies. Our aim is not to be normal, it’s to go above and beyond for you. Always listening, always improving, working for you.

Our customers love how we approach Web Servers & our local team enjoy nothing more than keeping you all happy in this online world.

Step into business with us as your Tier IV Hosting Compute Partner.


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The Network Crew Pty Ltd (TNC) operates in leased space within NEXTDC Tier IV facilities, using our own Network & Compute gear 24/7. We are one of few service-driven Linux-only outfits with an unbreakable love for open-source & doing good for all.

Why are we doing what we do?

Managed Servers don’t get the love that they deserve these days, and we know that Australian Businesses deserve better! We work to empower business by delivering World-class Service backed by relentless Uptime & Local Support who genuinely care about you.

We’re here to change the norms, keep our industry accountable, and to keep you loving your time in business helping this beautiful country.

Customer satisfaction and service quality are critical to us. 💜

How are we making waves?

We’re an organised & driven group of passionate tech-heads working 24/7 to keep Mission-critical Workloads running quickly & efficiently.

Moving with the times, we remain up-to-date with best practices, security news and other developments, while making sure our crew are equipped to handle whatever’s around the corner. Planning our every move, we work diligently to change the norms & exceed expectations.

Premium innovative service with a smile! No stress any-time.

 If you’re into the nitty gritty, we’re certainly not going to hold you back.

Enterprise-grade up-time, security & performance 24/7! We won’t take the short-cuts some will; for us it’s about doing it properly.

With our primary infrastructure in NEXTDC Tier IV Data Centres (including S2 in Macquarie Park NSW), the DCs are 100% fault-tolerant and able to be maintained during active usage without impacting power nor data. We run Dell EMC servers, using Intel Xeon CPUs and Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10 arrays. Our network’s fibre-fed by over 30Gbit/s of connectivity that take diverse physical paths out of each DC (ie. to avoid problems with fibre cuts). We leverage all dual 240v feeds within the DCs to ensure ALL hardware has redundant power, and maintain dual up-links. Access to NEXTDC is alarmed & logged, with Security Staff 24/7/365 beyond CCTV & other security systems.

From there, we refuse to over-sell (ie. de-stabilise) any of our industry-leading KVM-based platforms. The result? Our enterprise-grade high-performance environment for every need! After over 10 years in this industry, we continue to refine our platforms to ensure we deliver outstanding service to legendary clients who demand more.


We’re proud of being able to receive down-to-earth feedback & leverage it to deliver leading-edge service.
Your voice is valuable, we’re here for your successes online!

Putting faces to the names!

The folk behind our teams.
Delivering incredible results across the country.

Luke T. (CEO & CTO)

Luke T. (CEO & CTO)

Technical Director

Support Teams

Support Teams

All levels on-shore

Emily R. (CCO & GM)

Emily R. (CCO & GM)

General Manager

All-Australian help, here for you. 💬

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