🌎 Data Centres & Other Technology
How we keep you online all the time!

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Enterprise-grade service starts with Tier IV Data Centres.

We’re partnered with NEXTDC and primarily leverage their S2 facility in Macquarie Park, NSW. It’s rated as Tier IV and is Certified Strategic by the Australian Government.

Diverse Fibre Paths.

We leverage all cabling routes out from NEXTDC S2 from our network.


30Gbps+ throughput.

Enjoy incredibly fast access to your sites & emails 24/7 no matter what.

Always for our futures.

Embracing & supporting open-source, with an industry-leading perspective.

NEXTDC and LEOPARD.host work together in harmony.

Hyper-dense Infrastructure, backed by Dell EMC & HPE.

RAID10 SSD across the board, Intel Xeon CPUs, ECC RAM & Data Centre RAID10 SSDs – a tried & tested blend of friends!

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We’re incredibly passionate about delivering enterprise-grade services – this takes a whole-of-business approach to ensure we remain at the leading edge of what we’re able to deliver to our clients. It’s critical that our clients are able to depend on mission-critical infrastructure and all-Australian engineers.

Always innovating, refining and listening. LEOPARD.host is here for our clients 24/7/365.

Open-source first approach.

If you’ve had a poke or a play with IT at any stage, you’ve likely heard the names VMware, Citrix, etc. They’re not for us – we’re all about KVM/QEMU, CloudLinux/AlmaLinux, KernelCare, ConfigServer, LiteSpeed, etc.

Where it’s appropriate, we’re FOSS (Free Open-Source Software) enthusiasts working to embrace and give back to many projects from across the globe. Linux underpins our infrastructure – nothing’s hidden from us, and anything not available can typically be optimised and automated. We’re for a better future.

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Modern network for modern clients.

Always-on DDoS Protection, with meticulous network monitoring 24/7/365! ⚡

Self-operated Australian Network Core.

Hot & Cold Spares stored at NEXTDC sites.

Tier IV Data Centre with 30MW of Power ready.

24/7 On-site Security, Biometrics, CCTV & more.

Transparent Incident Handling without failure.



What do our customers reckon?

Clients sharing the LEOPARD.host ❤️

Thank you to the LEOPARD team for making the migration of our services so easily and the on-going management a pleasure. Your business support has been outstanding.

Sam V.

Marketing Firm, Australia

Excellent customer service & attention to detail. They’re always happy to discuss things at a level I can understand. I’ve recommended them to friends who’ve been impressed.

Roger A.

Dental Practice, Australia

Transparent, Reliable & Genuine.

Linux, KVM, RAID10, ZFS & more.

We’ve done the hard yards in narrowing down the ideal systems to power the vast majority of online ventures – we’re ready for you!

Local Engineers who speak Human.

It’s no use if you’re having to get help from people who can’t make it understandable. We’re about ease-of-service from UX through CX.

Nothing but the best here.

We don’t cheap out on Data Centres (Tier IV NEXTDC), our Network (30G+ fibre-fed) or Servers (Dell EMC). From there, our Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10 keep workloads cruising, and our bespoke automated systems internally are sure to impress you. Persistently in pursuit of true service excellence 24/7/365.