Reliability, SLA πŸ”„ & Disaster Recovery (DR)


Industry-leading Tier IV, backed by our 99.99% SLA.


Self-service Backup Restorations through JetBackup GUI.


Transparent Status Updates at

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From the Data Centres to the SSDs in our Servers, quality is where reliability starts.

Our crew are focused on Reliability, Flexibility & Security enabling our High-performance Compute Solutions for clients who demand top-shelf Service Up-time & Customer Service.


DDoS-protected 24/7

All traffic is protected by Global Secure Layer (GSL) so you can rest easy.


Self-service Backups

Log-in any-time to restore from granular Restore Points with ease. Or we can.


Australian Engineers

Quality service is delivered by quality people. We focus on relationships.

100% Australian owned & Operated. Carbon-negative.

We’re 100% Australian, and keep growing year-on-year. πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
Family-owned and always giving back to others & the planet, we’re here for you!Β 

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Disasters: DR via 2nd Site in Lake Macquarie

Tier IV Data Centres remove most points of failure, however it sure pays to be prepared. You can rest easy as we have Contingency Plans in-place with Backup Routines ensuring that all data is available in record time when it counts. Investing in all areas of our Australian Infrastructure, we’re here for your successes.

Please let us know if you’d like any further information so we’re able to help you understand it all.

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Industry leaders in Up-time, committed to excellence.

99.99% & beyond is normal!

After over 10 years Hosting the websites, emails and applications of many Australian and New Zealand businesses, we can safely say that our up-time is consistently record-breaking internally – delivering above and beyond 24/7/365.


Australian-first vendor and supplier policy.


RAID-only policy across all Compute hardware.


Fibre network, Dell EMC servers & HPE switches.


24/7 Self-service Online Control via my.LEOPARD.


Pro-active approach to Operations & Maintenance.

What do our customers reckon?

Clients sharing the ❀️

Thank you to the LEOPARD team for making the migration of our services so easily and the on-going management a pleasure. Your business support has been outstanding.

Sam V.

Marketing Firm, Australia

Excellent customer service & attention to detail. They’re always happy to discuss things at a level I can understand. I’ve recommended them to friends who’ve been impressed.

Roger A.

Dental Practice, Australia

Guaranteed-to-deliver Service Levels. Support who give a $#it.

100% Australian family-owned.

Not a fan of overseas tech support games? We don’t believe in endless transfers, nor making you repeat what we already know. It’s easy to get help from Lenny and the gang.

60-day Money-back Guarantee!

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give you 60 days to work out if we fit in for you. Refunds are easy – reasoned or not.


Innovating & Automating 24/7. Beep boop.

We’re always in search of ways to optimise and improve, and value your input to make sure we’re able to deliver the most value to our clients as we’re able to. Often times this means working on Bespoke Automation & Integrations, working to stay ahead of the pack.

Not sure? Don’t fear, if you don’t love us you can leave under our 60-day Money-back Guarantee!