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We’re hosting industry veterans…

…but what sets us apart?

Our founder and their devoted team have spent over 10 years refining our approach to hosting to get it “just so”. Old-fashioned in how we help clients, and incredibly modern in how we operate our platforms, we look after you.

We have oodles of industry experience, and thrive on your successes online. Underpinning everything that we do is our sincerely genuine approach – we believe that it’s criminal to charge for a service and not deliver 100% with a smile. Many years ago, our very first web server was called “snowleopard”.

Focusing on what we do and always striving to improve, we:

  • Run an industry-leading set of platforms
  • Integrate with premium wholesale providers
  • Stand by everything that we offer, no matter what
  • Make sure our pricing is competitive, but reasonable
  • Always make sure we put in 100% for our customers
  • Never cut any corners, nor sugar-coat anything

Sometimes, it pays to over-plan and make sure that all bases are covered. That’s what we did when we put LEOPARD.host together, and it continues to pay off day-by-day. Our customers love our take year-round, and our team enjoy nothing more than keeping everyone happy in this vast online world.

If you’ve been hit hard by COVID-19, please reach out to our crew for help.

What we're here to do

There are a few concepts that we strive to achieve, and we tend to consistently receive positive feedback. Investing in our infrastructure and staying up-to-date on what’s happening in our field keeps us able to respond to changes in the industry.

Customer satisfaction is critical to us, as is service quality. ❤️

How we set out to do it

Our team are a select group of industry experts, mostly internally referred from long-standing employees. We always plan out decisions and opt to not cut corners in how we approach anything day-to-day, though we love keeping it low-key.

No stress any-time – just high-quality service.

Putting faces to the names

The folks behind our teams

Luke T

Luke T

Owner & SysOps

Emily R

Emily R

Admin & Accounts

Theo M

Theo M

Customers & UX

Natalie G

Natalie G

Sales & Marketing

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