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There are plenty of Domain Name providers out there these days, and for the most part it’s hard to tell them apart.

Domains are “just domains” right? Not quite – what tends to set providers apart is how much they’ll include in the listed price. We set the norm by including everything – DNS hosting, DNSSEC security, Whois privacy (on all TLDs which allow it) & industry-leading Australian support to top it all off. No hidden fees here!

When you’re embarking on your next Web project, make sure you back an Australian-owned, industry-leading provider to avoid heart-ache.

It all starts right here with a domain name…

Whether you’re after a .AU, something foreign (ie. NZ/UK), or a newTLD (.yoga etc), we’re here to get your ideas online!


Free DNS, Privacy, etc.

You can Redirect it elsewhere, set-up Custom DNS, show another website via Cloaking, or just leave it sitting idle.Β Whois protection? Free!


Immediate Registration

From the moment you pay the Domain invoice, it takes moments until it’s registered and ready for use. You’ll be emailed once it’s ready!


Australian Support

Our local team are passionate about providing Industry-leading Support to our customers. Whether a quick query or a complex issue, we’ll help.

What sets our domains apart?

Low cost, Premium features & discounted as you scale. πŸ“ˆ
What’s not to like?

We’re your go-to Domain Registration provider whether you’re looking to secure your first Domain Name, launch a new brand or expand your ever-growing portfolio. We have the functionality, Customer Service and passion to look after you end-to-end. Drop Catching needs? We can deliver solutions for all needs.

Looking for API access? We can set you up! (volume requirement)

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.AU Direct: Get yours today!

If you’re looking to secure your .AU domain, you’re now able to apply online through my.LEOPARD with ease.

There’s something especially great about .AU Direct, you can register them as an Individual here in Australia too!Β Get going today.
So you’re able to secure Domain Names for yourself and your family online. Just select Individual during Check-out. (.AU Direct only, similar to

Brand Protection is vital to many of our clients – feel free to contact us with any queries for Corporate and/or Personal Domain Names.

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Instant Domain registrations.

Less yawning: Pay & go! ⚑

Taking the hassle out of domain names is something that we love doing for our customers – that’s why there’s no delay between ordering a Domain Name and it being available for use. Take your ideas and make something brilliant of it online!


Instant Domain Registration (+ Certificate for .AU)


24/7 Management online via my.LEOPARD (inc. CoR)


Australian Support on-hand & ready to assist you!


Free: DNS/Redirects, Whois Privacy and DNSSEC.

What do our customers reckon?

Clients sharing the ❀️

Thank you to the team for making the migration of our services so easily and the on-going management a pleasure. Your business support has been outstanding.

Sam V.

Property Firm, Australia

Excellent customer service & attention to detail. They’re always happy to discuss things at a level I can understand. I’ve recommended them to friends who’ve been impressed.
Roger A.

Dental Practice, Australia

Domain Names underpin every great business, project and passion – while some companies still charge incredible amounts for them, we don’t!
Taking a stand, we apply only small mark-ups to the wholesale pricing, to make sure you’re able to make money off your Domain Names instead.

Whether you have 1 domain, 10 or 1,000, we’re ready to help you transition across smoothly & without any customer impacts. We’ll help to plan.
Portfolio Holder? Get in touch with us so we can negotiate custom pricing for you based on volume, growth rate and reputation. Let’s talk!

We reckon you’ll like it here. It’s easy to leave if you don’t!

100% Australian family-owned.

Not a fan of overseas tech support games? We don’t believe in endless department transfers, nor making you repeat what we already know. It’s easy to get help from Lenny and the gang.

60-day Money-back Guarantee!

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give you 60 days to work out if we fit in for you. Refunds are easy – reasoned or not.


Power it with a Fully Managed Tier 4 VPS.

Your Domain is the 1st piece of the getting-online puzzle. You’ve got the address, now it’s time for a home! We provide enterprise-grade Fully Managed Web Hosting Servers/Clusters, focusing on high-quality end-to-end turnkey solutions which remain flexible enough to adapt to your business’ needs.

Not sure? Don’t fear, if you don’t love us you can leave under our 60-day Money-back Guarantee! It really is that easy.
We own and operate our network and servers. We’re a veteran in the space, running in Tier IV.