Carbon-negative Australian Hosting
(est. 2010)

Why are we doing what we do?

Hosting & Cloud don’t get the love that they deserve these days, and we know that Australian Businesses deserve better! We work to empower business by delivering World-class Service backed by relentless Uptime and a Local Support crew who genuinely care about your successes.

We’re here to change the norms, keep our industry accountable, and to keep you loving your time in business helping this beautiful country.

Customer satisfaction and service quality are critical to us. 💜

How are we making waves?

We’re an organised and driven group of passionate tech-heads working 24/7 to keep Mission-critical Workloads running quickly and efficiently.

Moving with the times, we remain up-to-date with best practices, security news and other developments, while making sure our crew are equipped to handle whatever’s around the corner. Planning our every move, we’re working diligently to change the norms and exceed your expectations.

Premium innovative service with a smile! No stress any-time.

All-Australian help, here for you. 💬

Have a natter with Lenny & the crew.