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The next step up from traditional hosting (cPanel)

Backups ready-to-go in case of emergencies!

100% Australian support & operations 🇦🇺

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10% off annual, 20% off biennial & 30% off triennial Virtual Servers, forever.

Options without limits

It’s simple – we’re here to make sure that you’re able to succeed no matter what. Feel free to reach out to our top-tier support team, they’re here to turn your dreams into realities!

Secure flexibility

We all like a bit of flexibility with our servers, which is why we opt for a hardened version of KVM and the legends at NEXTDC to under-pin our platform. Adventurous ideas? Easy.

Servers as fast as you

Looking for redundant network feeds? Easy. Fibre-fed requirements? Let’s get you lit up and running smoothly. Have your own prefixes that need BGP ads? You’re covered.

The price of secure flexibility

VPS – With full control! (DIY) 🧳

Outgrowing hosting? VPS is the next step

What makes a KVM VPS right for me?

Cloud backup of your VPS

Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and we’ll have you covered if so.

High-speed network

To make sure nothing is able to take us down, regardless of surge times, etc.

Carrier-neutral DC

Using NEXTDC’s “meet-me” room, our network’s well connected & reliable.

Fort Knox style security

With a constant desire to give you more visibility over what’s happening.

Performance charts

Making sure your server’s running well is key, and you can see how it’s going.

1Gbps minimum port speed

Over our premium network, you won’t experience “cheap high-speed” probs.

DDoS protection standard

GSL Networks reliably handles all of the nasty traffic that we send over.

Proxy options available

Whether you’re expecting high-traffic or a bit of nasty traffic, you’re ready.

Management available

And for less than you’d think. Our engineers have been around the block.

The price of total peace of mind

VPS – Less the hassles (Managed) 👨‍💻

It’s important to have your boxes ticked

Your questions, our answers 📮

FAQs for everybody!
How easy are server upgrades & downgrades?

Very easy. Depending on whether you’re going up or down in size, some work may be needed on your end due to restrictions with disk down-sizing however the majority of changes are easy and quick to implement (RAM, CPU, SSD increase, etc). Sales are here to help!

Is the monitoring of the VPS platform thorough?

Yes. Our data centre PoPs are monitored for access via CCTV and alerting. We have temperature monitoring in-place, as well as power feed and hardware monitoring. Beyond that, the hypervisors, networking interfaces and all VMs are kept under close watch.

Do you offer Dedicated Servers as well as Virtual?

Depending on your needs, we do! We have a powerful VPS platform that we prefer to offer, however pre-defined and custom dedicated servers are also available.

ADD-ONS: Software (ie. Installatron) & Protection
System protection pricing
  1. CloudLinux OS: $20/month
    $25/month without cPanel
  2. KernelCare: $5/month
One-click app installer pricing
  1. Installatron: $5/month
  2. Softaculous: $5/month
Account Security & Automation
  1. JetBackup: $15/month
    1. Needs space too
  2. ImunifyAV+: $20/month
    1. Anti-virus platform
  3. Imunify360 ∞: $50/month
    1. AI/ML-based anti-virus
  4. WP Toolkit: $2/account/month
    1. Automating WP updates, etc


FAQs for tech-heads!
Am I able to power cycle my server online?

Yes! Through your control panel, you’re able to power off, restart and power on your VPS, amongst a range of other options.

What are the hardware specs of your nodes?

We run a tried and tested blend of Dell multi-node systems, Intel Xeon CPUs, enterprise-grade memory and Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10 to keep performance high across our VPS host nodes.

Do you offer support of Windows Server VMs?

We do! You’re able to deploy Windows Server 2019 via my.LEOPARD, though other versions (ie. 2012 R2 / 2016) can be requested through our friendly Sales team.

Older versions are recommended against (ie. 2008).

ADD-ONS: Operating System, Back-ups & cPanel
Operating System (OS) pricing
  1. Linux/open-source: FREE
    1. ie. CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
  2. Windows Server 2019: $40/mo
  3. Custom ISO: Upload online for free
cPanel & WHM control panel pricing
  1. cPanel Plus (30 accounts) $30/month
  2. cPanel Premier (100 accounts) $50/month
    1. Tiers up to 500 accounts
      via my.LEOPARD on-order
    2. Beyond that, Sales can help!
Back-up storage for your use
  1. 500GB storage: $20/mo
  2. 1TB storage: $40/month
  3. 3TB storage: $110/month
  4. 8TB storage: $250/month

Outgrown hosting? VPS it

There comes a point when it’s a logical move, and we love showing our customers just how much we can tune your VPS to make it fly. Your clients will love you, and you’ll never have to worry about web hosting growing pains: our crew will look after you, with monitoring too! Agency? Ask about our packages.

What our clients have to say about us

High praise from our favourite people

A wonderful company and they’ve always been very supportive and a great help with hosting our dog rescue website. I can highly recommend LEOPARD.host to everyone!

Sheila H.

PAWS Pet Rescue, Australia

We migrated all of our sites to LEOPARD from a provider who are no longer Aussie. Since then, they’ve fine-tuned our VPS to give our clients improved performance. We’ve been with them for almost half a decade & have no plans to move!

Lorna M.

Design Firm, Australia

We’re in your corner 24/7/365 🛡

Australian technical support

Not a fan of overseas tech support games? We don’t believe in endless department transfers, nor making you repeat what we already know. It’s easy to get help from Lenny and the gang.

30-day money-back guarantee

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give you 30 days to work out how we fit in for you. Refunds are easy – cancel & go!

30 days of risk-free VPSing

We make it nice and risk-free to get going online with the help of a high-spec VPS. Our team are here to help you, and we’ll make sure the migration over to us is a breeze. If we can’t make you happy in the first 30 days then we’ll refund you and provide a proper handover to your new provider – no stress, no worries.