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High-performing, secure & reliable!

Instantly provisioned hosting, backed by Aussie support

Enterprise-grade systems that are designed to fly! πŸš€

Let's Encrypt SSLs and 99.95% Up-time (SLA)

The price of hosting happiness – no hidden fees, ever!

Pick a plan, any plan, swap any time πŸŽ›

Your business is always moving, and our all-Australian hosting plans are ready to move with you! Premium high-speed intuitive hosting that’s been refined to empower your little through large business 24/7/365. Order & pay online, and you’ll have login details straight away!

Thank you for trusting Australian family-owned

10% off annual, 20% off biennial & 30% off triennial hosting, forever.

cPanel, as it should be

As a cPanel Partner NOC, we’re able to cater to your simple or complex software licensing needs – cPanel, CloudLinux & far beyond.

Looking for custom software? Easy!

Secure platforms

Our infrastructure is secured to no end, with all aspects of our systems under lock and guard. Your site is safe ‘n’ sound with us.

SSL is essential, that’s why it’s free!

Free migrations to us

If you’re coming from a cPanel host, we’ll migrate you for free. Making the move from another panel? No worries, we’re here to help!

Custom migrations are often free!

Support from your locals πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

Hosting isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and many quite simply want it to “just work” – that’s where we come in, using our 10+ years of industry experience to deliver rock-solid hosting, servers & colocation.

Our passionate on-shore team are here to help – get in touch for help, to chat or to learn.

We guarantee a max of 50 accounts per-server (eHOST)

Endurance Hosting: Built for the pros!

Regular hosting not quite cutting the mustard any more? Whether you’re running hefty eCommerce websites (eg. Magento) or are scaling up your app’s back-end to support its growing user-base, we have you covered. Low-loading servers, blistering resource limits & Australian help. Let’s go!

100% Australian hosting since 2010

Security & Reliability are paramount!

Mobile-responsive cPanel

Whether at your desk, on a train or overseas, access to your cPanel is easy

Control without boundaries

We’ve configured cPanel to offer you full functionality – take a look here!

Quick & flexible uploads

Upload via web, FTP, or your web software (ie. WordPress), it’s simple

High-performance & secure

As we don’t cheap out on hardware or our network, your hosting always flies!

Easy-to-read reporting

Web traffic reports, resource usage history, alerts for spikes, it’s all here

Redundant back-ups always

Free-of-charge, we provide granular self-service back-up restore points

Installatron & Softaculous

Looking for WordPress, Magento, something else? It’s easy to get going

Monitoring included free

Subscribe to notifications over at https://the.uptime.business 24/7

Cloudflare & Railgun ready

Both are available via cPanel with no hassles – give them a go at the get-go!

With LEOPARD.host, you always come first!

Kind words from some great people πŸ“œ

We migrated all of our sites to LEOPARD from a provider who are no longer Aussie. Since then, they’ve fine-tuned our VPS to give our clients improved performance. We’ve been with them for almost half a decade & have no plans to move!

Lorna M.

Design Firm, Australia

A wonderful company and they’ve always been very supportive and a great help with hosting our dog rescue website. I can highly recommend LEOPARD.host to everyone!

Sheila H.

PAWS Pet Rescue, Australia

Questions? We’ll heed your calls!

Answers from our local team! πŸ’»

FAQs for everybody!
How much is included with every plan?

Every plan operates on our premium equipment in Sydney, with ∞ databases and ∞ email accounts. SSL certificates are included free (as they should be)!

cPanel is unrestricted and runs the latest interface – nothing hidden away! SpamExperts filtering is included to keep pesky spammers away from you.

What's the deal with support for my hosting?

It’s all Aussie and backed by a passionate team head-quartered out of Lake Macquarie NSW. We have staff near our PoPs, and spread out further across the country to ensure we cover all of our country’s time-zones (we’re looking at you, Perth – with love from NSW).

Is it easy to scale up through the hosting plans?

Incredibly easy! Follow the steps in my.LEOPARD for an upgrade or downgrade, pay the pro-rate invoice (if applicable), and the change will be effective immediately. We can recommend your ideal plan too.

I like easy-peasy web control of my hosting - doable?

Oh, it’s doable alright. We’re partnered with cPanel as they’re the hosting platform of choice, and our customers enjoy their easy-to-use interface.
It’s even mobile friendly! Take a look at its beauty.

FAQs for tech-heads!
Do you reveal server specs? IPv4 & IPv6?

Of course – we operate Dell EMC servers, with Intel Xeon CPUs, enterprise-grade ECC RAM, and Intel Data Centre SSDs (in RAID10).

Hosting accounts come with a shared IPv4 address as standard (SNI supported with free Let’s Encrypt SSLs or BYO from elsewhere). You can ask Tech Support for a dedicated IPv6 address as well (using both A and AAAA records to run IPv4 and v6).

See below for more information, including details on our network and power.

What are the server resources & max limits?

We tier resources by package (above), and have common usage limits (below).

Please see the pricing tables above for disk I/O (read/write speed), RAM (memory), CPU (processing), SSD (storage) and data (transfer) allowances.

Inode limit: 250,000 (total # of files & folders)
Max emails per hour: 1,000 (ticket for potential raise)
Entry processes (max CPU tasks): 50 (100 total processes)

Is your storage purely SSD-backed? No HDDs?

Our cPanel hosting, Reseller hosting & VPS platforms are 100% SSD-backed, with all drives in RAID10 arrays to ensure speed, redundancy & reliability.

Hard drives (HDDs) are only used across our back-up platforms.

How redundant are your network & power systems?

In a word, very. Each server has two network feeds (each to a separate switch, which are separately fed). Our network then routes out via two redundant PoPs (Sydney & Melbourne) over fibre optic and copper links.

Power’s provided through 2 separate feeds via different electricity suppliers, backed up by separate battery sets & diesel generators.

Host risk-free for 30 days!

Sorting out your web and email hosting shouldn’t involve any hoo-hah, so we’ve made it easy to get going with our hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s simple – if we can’t make you happy, we’ll refund your money and make sure that you’re happy on your way off elsewhere. Unlikely, but easy!