💰 Partner Program
10% On-going comms for all affiliate sales!

Easy sign-up URLs (with cookies) to make sure you're paid

Recurring 10% commission for all Hosting & Server sales!

Affiliate hosting done the right way!

10% on-going as long as they stay!

URL & Manual referrals

Easy to access URLs are within my.LEOPARD and our Billing team can manually assign orders to your Partner Program account.

Worried about losing sales? Talk to us!


Simple to explain range

Taking the hassles out of the traditional prizing mazes and nonsense, we offer an effective range of Hosting & VPS solutions.

No hidden fees, GST inclusive, etc.

Support for you & them

We’re passionate about helping you, and every customer needs to be confident in the solutions they’re investing in.

Prompt & professional Australian help!

We migrated all of our sites to LEOPARD from a provider who are no longer Aussie. Since then, they’ve fine-tuned our VPS to give our clients improved performance. We’ve been with them for almost half a decade & have no plans to move!

Lorna M.

Design Firm, Australia

Australian billing team 🇦🇺

We’ve heard plenty of tales about hosts who talk the talk and then fail to walk the walk. It’s not how affiliate selling is supposed to work. Just like Aussie Broadband, we like to reward our Partners for each and every sale that they successfully refer to us. Quick payouts, no non-sense backed by Australian help!

Our passionate on-shore team are here to help – get in touch with questions, concerns (or banter!)

Happy partners = Happy referrals 💸

Industry-leading services

Our systems are designed to keep websites and emails running 24/7/365 without incident. We’ve been in this field for over 10 years and would gladly provide demo accounts to show you what we’re talking about!

We’re honest, we’re passionate & we’re here for you.

30-day money-back guarantee

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give your referred clients 30 days to work out how we fit in for them. No harsh feelings – love needs to be mutual!

Refunds are easy – they just cancel via my.LEOPARD & go!

What makes us right for your leads?

LEOPARD.host: Quick, stable & honest!

Mobile-responsive cPanel

Whether at your desk, on a train or overseas, access to your cPanel is easy

Control without boundaries

We’ve configured cPanel to offer you full functionality – take a look here!

Quick & flexible uploads

Upload via web, FTP, or your web software (ie. WordPress), it’s simple

High-performance & secure

As we don’t cheap out on hardware or our network, your hosting always flies!

Easy-to-read reporting

Web traffic reports, resource usage history, alerts for spikes, it’s all here

Redundant back-ups always

Free-of-charge, we provide granular self-service back-up restore points

Installatron & Softaculous

Looking for WordPress, Magento, something else? It’s easy to get going

Monitoring included free

Subscribe to notifications over at https://the.uptime.business 24/7

Cloudflare & Railgun ready

Both are available via cPanel with no hassles – give them a go at the get-go!

You have questions & we’ve got the answers

Our top Partner Program FAQs 📋

Which services are included in the Program?

Every type of Hosting and Server is included in the 10% recurring commission offer. Excluded services includes Domain names, SSL certificates and Colocation (not extensive).

Please let us know if you have any queries before going ahead with a referral that you’re unsure about. We’re here to help!

What's the deal with support for the services?

It’s all Aussie and backed by a passionate team head-quartered out of Lake Macquarie NSW. We have staff near our PoPs, and spread out further across the country to ensure we cover all of our country’s time-zones (we’re looking at you, Perth – with love from NSW).

Can my referrals upgrade their hosting package?

Absolutely! They can follow the steps in my.LEOPARD for an upgrade or downgrade, pay the pro-rate invoice (if applicable), and the change will be effective immediately. We can recommend their ideal plan too, and you’ll receive commissions based on where they’re standing on-renewal.

Do you reveal the specs of your servers?

Of course – we operate Dell EMC servers, with Intel Xeon CPUs, enterprise-grade ECC RAM, and Intel Data Centre SSDs (in RAID10).

See below for more information, including details on our network and power.

Should I know about any hidden conditions?

There are none for us to let you know about!

We’re transparent with our Partner Program and work to support our Partners across Australia and New Zealand. Please let us know if there’s anything we can be doing to better assist you, and we’ll get our team onto it.

Is your storage purely SSD-backed? No HDDs?

Our cPanel hosting, Reseller hosting & VPS platforms are 100% SSD-backed, with all drives in RAID10 arrays to ensure speed, redundancy & reliability.

Hard drives (HDDs) are only used across our back-up platforms.

Partner up online today! 📈

Once you’ve signed up for a my.LEOPARD account, head to Partner Account & get going!

From there, you’ll have personal URLs to share with your lead network – for every sale that stays past our money-back guarantee period, you’ll receive 10% commission each time they renew with us! It’s as simple as that, no strings attached. It’s our way of saying thanks for trusting Australian family owned.