Support for your End Clients (via WHMCS)

We're a WHMCS Reseller. Deploy, Optimise & Support.

Your Hosting Sales are Automated to deploy immediately.

Our Crew takes good care of your Clients (+ white-label it)

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Hosting should be a valuable and profitable part of your business – we work to scale that theory.

If you don’t already leverage WHMCS, we’d be glad to show you around. It empowers many of our clients, allowing them to stop thinking about Hosting, instead making proper money from it.

Australian Support

Our crew are Australian, servicing our Australian clients. We’re for the future.

Living & Breathing it

We’ve used WHMCS since 2015, and provide bespoke maintained modules.

Secure Automation 24/7

WHMCS is another motor in the engine room. It’s fuelled by your Services.

Bring together: Orders, deployment, support, billing…

Long-term, Hosting should be building up recurring revenue.

We’re here to guide you through “Doing it properly”.

For Hosting to be successful at scale, it needs to be managed well. This runs in our blood after over a decade in the business, and we love helping passionate Australian businesses integrate Hosting to be a key part of their business plan. Making it do the work for you – so you’re able to keep working for a better future.

Let’s work together and scale yours up! You might be surprised by what’s possible.

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We’re incredibly passionate about delivering enterprise-grade services – this takes a whole-of-business approach to ensure we remain at the leading edge of what we’re able to deliver to our clients. It’s critical that our clients are able to depend on mission-critical infrastructure and all-Australian engineers.

Always innovating, refining and listening. is here for our clients 24/7/365.

Hosting is Good for Business :: In every way.

It’s not just a great Service/Stream to have configured and growing, it establishes proper control of your Clients’ Domains and Hosting Accounts, allowing you to depend on your Service Provider to deliver quality and performance, resulting in SEO and conversion gains. Good service feels good for your end clients, making your clients feel good too.

Getting reliably-good Hosting in this day & age is becoming less of a guarantee. In a time when people want the trust behind certain Engine-like brands, you know that Hosting in a traditional sense is questioned. You’re weaponised with industry-leading Hosting that you can depend on. When things don’t go according to plan, you have Local Engineers at your disposal. This dependability results in a Premium Hosting service for your clients/websites that you’re able to flagship at the rates it calls for. With time, that scales up.

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Packaging & Pricing can be the hardest part – no longer.

We’ll help you Design, Price and Package your Premium Hosting. And support clients.

Premium Web Hosting: Packaged, priced & automated!

Software Licensing: We can provide it all without hassle.

End Client Support: Optional Help, letting you sit back.

S2 Sydney is an Uptime Tier IV hyperscale data centre, Certified Strategic by the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency.

Supporting 100% complete fault tolerance, S2 delivers organisations the advantage of 100% uptime, ensuring they never compromise on the always on capability of their business operations. Built and run to global operational standards and operational excellence, S2 leads the way in terms of sustainability stewardship.

NEXTDC’s focus and continued investment into building the most reliable infrastructure platform in the country is demonstrated in their Uptime Institute certifications for operational sustainability (Gold Operations) and completely fault tolerant Data Centre design and construction (Tier IV).

Click here to read NEXTDC’s Customer Story with The Network Crew Pty Ltd, our parent Company.


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What do our customers reckon?

Clients sharing the ❤️

I’d looked all over the world for a Fully Managed VPS Host that understood what we were trying to accomplish in our agency. From the first call I knew I’d found the expertise we’d needed for so long.

Isaac F.

Web Agency, Australia

We had some worries about entrusting a smaller host, but were able to prove their might before go-ahead. Performance is tremendous, support is next-level and to have a local provider is ideal.
Daniel B.

Design Agency, Australia

Automating, Supporting & Optimising your Managed Hosting.

WHMCS with "just the right config".

We’ve done the hard yards in narrowing down the ideal ways to really capitalise on WHMCS – and so we’re ready for you! Your needs will change along the way and that’s okay – we’re here to empower you.

Local Engineers who speak Human.

It’s no use if you’re having to get help from people who can’t make it understandable. We’re about ease-of-service from UX through CX. Our technical systems are designed to empower, not to frustrate!

Taking your Hosting as far as you want to go.

There’s a broad spectrum of Hosting Set-ups out there, and yours mightn’t exist yet or it could be a power-house in need of a more methodical approach. You mightn’t want self-service for your clients, or you might want even more automation! We get it, and we’re here to design what works for you. Persistently in pursuit of excellence.