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Agencies: Empowering your client sites with leading-edge tech

We’re in a highly digital world – though not all hosts are created equal. Your agency is front and centre. After years in business, you’re all about client satisfaction & system reliability.

Q2 2021: What we’ve been up to behind-the-scenes!

There are many similarities between hosts, so what are we doing differently? 2020 was a busy year for LEOPARD.host – we finalised some major system changes internally.

What does “Australian hosting” mean these days?

Anything from foreign-owned locally-run to 100% Aussie owned, run & supported. It tends to boil down to where the hosting server/s are physically located globally.

The Uptime Business: Our commitments to you 24/7/365

It’s one thing to have a Status Page, it’s quite another to use it honestly. Outages happen, there are DDoS attacks 24/7, and maintenance doesn’t always go flawlessly.

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