LiteSpeed: Unlocking the potential of your CMS websites

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If you’re struggling with a slow TTFB or page render times, LSWS is for you!

LiteSpeed Web Server has consistently proven itself to be a brilliant option for hosting providers through to VPS customers alike. It’s flexible, configurable and no-nonsense. Their support team cuts out the noise and focuses on the matter at hand every time – you have a problem, we have a solution.

LiteSpeed is a drop-in replacement for Apache/httpd, making it easy to go-live with in minutes.

There’s no hassle involved in moving from Apache to LiteSpeed Web Server – they’ve designed it to remain inter-operable with Apache, even allowing you to run them in parallel to comparison test (ie. run HTTP on different ports simultaneously). htaccess rules are picked up and executed the same way that Apache would do, meaning in 95%+ of situations there’s nothing required in order to facilitate a successful move over to LSWS. are a LiteSpeed Partner, with access to their Global Support.

We’ve been in love with LSWS for many years, and have recently strengthened that relationship by moving our licensing away from cPanel (who only offer 2 license types) to LiteSpeed directly, establishing a Partner relationship in the process. This provides us with faster and more relevant LiteSpeed-specific support, a greater range of licensing options and more flexibility in how we scale up.

Each time there’s a need to escalate matters relating to LSWS, we’ve been impressed by the concise and accurate nature of their responses. Our clients enjoy a quick turnaround time on problems/changes/etc, as well as the built-in smarts within LiteSpeed itself (ie. simple major version changes in the event of quirks, etc).

Not convinced it’s for you? Let us show you the way with a free 15-day trial of LiteSpeed today!

Hosted with us or elsewhere? Regardless, we’re happy to explain and substantiate the benefits of LSWS by helping to convert your server to LiteSpeed without any strings attached. If you hit problems, we’ll help you through them. Should you not fall in love, we won’t take it personally – we’ll roll you back to Apache then provide explanations of the differences that we noted from our head office.

Benchmarks are available here: Operations Operations

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