You’re paying how much for your domain renewals elsewhere!?

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Woah, woah, woah – someone put the brakes on this cart!

Australian domains shouldn’t be costing you hundreds of dollars a year! We know that some old-school domain registrars are taking advantage of their longest standing customers by keeping the legacy pricing (from eons ago) in effect. It made us sick half a decade ago, and it continues to make us feel crook now – they’re robbing customers to make up for deficiencies elsewhere in their businesses, and it’s a real shame.

Australian domains shouldn’t cost you more than $20/year – end of story.

There’s nothing else to it – just a no-strings-attached domain name. It’s criminal that people are being invoiced such crazy sums every year. There’s no better time to reconsider who you’re trusting with some of your most valuable assets. If something was to happen behind-the-scenes with your legacy provider who charges you the earth, it’s unlikely to be a simple fix and you’re unlikely to be impressed with their quality of customer service. Not a great situation when you’re being ripped off to begin with!

Invest your money with an Australian registrar who cares.

Need help getting on top of your domains? We know they can get a little scattered and hard to keep track of, and offer to consolidate your domain names for free – we’ll help you track them down, prepare them for a transfer to and ensure that DNS/Email/etc remains in-tact throughout (ie. no downtime to website, emails, etc). It’s the least we can do for people who’ve spent years doing the right thing but still don’t have a registrar who cares about them.

Your domains matter. Make sure they matter to your registrar too.

If our team are able to help, please reach out so we can help you get back in control of your domain portfolio. Operations Operations

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