Nifty online tools: From HTTPS and YSlow to SMTP and beyond

The Goody Bag

We’ve compiled a handy list of online tools that make day-to-day life easier.

Jumping straight in – this list mightn’t be relevant to you, however many of these tools are useful at some stage or another.

SSL Check (Basic):
SSL Check (Advanced):

If you’re trouble-shooting performance issues, YSlow and PageSpeed can help greatly.

Start with GTmetrix:
(It provides a range of measurements, and downloadable PDF reports)

Note that by making a free account with them, you can specify their Sydney AU testing location to make your test results more accurate compared to what you should be seeing on a residential/business internet connection.

Email problems? Take a look at your SMTP config, relay status & RBLs.

Start here:
Open Relay test:
Blacklist/RBL status: (Yes, should be HTTPS)

Looking for additional help? This list will be updated, though we’re here to help too!

Please let our team know if there’s anything we can do to make your trouble-shooting easier. We’re here for you! Operations Operations

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