cPanel access: Does your Web Host give you everything?

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In our experience, most aren’t going to provide full access.

The only functions we disable are those which have been deprecated by cPanel, or ones that don’t align with the service – ie. regular shared hosting doesn’t tend to attract Ruby app development, so app creations of that language aren’t readily available. Unlike many other providers, we do have solutions which can solve that problem (and any others caused by general restrictions on shared hosting).

Our servers provide as much cPanel access as we possibly can to you!

It’s important that you’re able to take charge of your website and get done what’s important. Should you feel like cPanel is limiting you in any way, please let our team know so they can help you through it. We’re here to ensure that you have the tools needed to succeed online.

What about backups? Do you hide those like other hosts?

This is something we live all the time when migrating clients over to – hosts who utilise cPanel and restrict it so far that taking a full backup elsewhere simply isn’t possible. Does it make the move impossible? Not close, it just adds more work to the process. We don’t believe in locking you out of the data that’s rightfully yours, nor making it tough to access if/when you decide to leave.

Full backups, partial backups, historical backups – all at your finger-tips!

Please let us know if we’re able to help you with a move to or from – we’re here to help!

As a cPanel Certified Partner, we’re able to cater to your needs – with full access, just the way it should be. Operations Operations

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