Microsoft 365: Migrating your Emails from IMAP / POP / etc

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Businesses need business-grade email, and for that we recommend Microsoft 365.

Many of our Web Hosting plans include Email Hosting as part of the package, though it’s designed for Small Businesses whose wheels are starting to spin, rather than for businesses who are scaling up and demanding resilience, near-perfect deliverability and enterprise compatibility. Microsoft 365 allows you complete control of your environment, makes compliance a breeze, and gives you transparency over your data.

The ability to roll-back where something happens, combined with leveraging Support rather than Microsoft (who we work with, being a Microsoft Partner), adds to the benefits that M365 provides to your business. In this day and age it’s important to be ahead of the curve.

Collaboration, scheduling, online meetings and – of course – emails, need to function properly 24/7/365.

It’s all about bundles these days, isn’t it? Microsoft are no stranger to this! You’ll enjoy access to the Office suite of software, either online-only or installed on your computer (depending on your license tier), as well as the flexibility of Cloud-based Email and Collaboration. Whether you’re a Zoom or Teams fan, a Word or Docs lover, or an Outlook enthusiast, Microsoft 365 packages make it easy to level-up your organisation’s email.

Moving your emails to M365 isn’t daunting. We’ve stepped out the process – take a look.

To make sure you’re across how we’d lift-and-shift your emails, we’ve published a Knowledgebase article that steps it out. We like to plan twice and cut once (so to speak), and hope this run-down explains our method. If you have any questions after reading it, please get in touch with us!

This covers everything from scoping out your current set-up, working out if any mailboxes are being archived/closed in the process, and which license tier/s would suit your staff best (this can be a mix). If the solution doesn’t suit you, what’s the point of changing your email solution?

Keep your emails arriving in inboxes, and know that you’re ready to scale up (and that M365 is with you too!)

Delivering emails involves a lot of work beyond the “Send” button – ESPs (Email Service Providers) such as work tirelessly to ensure their IP addresses don’t get penalised, as it could mean less emails making it to inboxes reliably. We’re proud of how few issues we have with email delivery compared to many Hosts in Australia, however appreciate that at a point in business, Microsoft 365 is the sensible next step.

Compliance, security and auditability are front and centre in Microsoft 365 – you might be surprised by just how much is possible, and you can rest easy knowing that the olden days of having an Exchange Server sitting in the corner of your office is NOT what we’re talking about!

Would you like more information, or to address some concerns you have about moving your emails? Get in touch with our Australian crew! Operations Operations

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