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We’re in a highly digital world – though not all hosts are created equal.

Your agency is front and centre. After years in business, you’re all about client satisfaction, retention and prosperity – making sure your efforts every day are resulting in the betterment of businesses across the country and globe. Design and development may be your bread and butter, though if the solution under-pinning your work isn’t from the top-shelf then it’s subtracting 10-30% of the value. Latency, page load times, optimisation and other factors (error handling, proactive maintenance, etc) are critical to ensuring happy visitors, and therefore happy clients.

Every host says that they pull their weight. Our research shows that it’s often untrue.

Australia is home to brilliant people and businesses, with a strong community who takes care of each other. The majority of our Hosting and Cloud markets are far from Australian – many providers are based in the USA, Middle East and other far-away locations. Just because they’re running a domain name doesn’t make them Australian – some of our strongest/largest competitors would have you believe that they’re Australian-owned with clever wording choices, though in reality while they have operating entities here, profits sure don’t stay here and stakeholders are far away.

We’ve investigated several major players and checked in on their claims vs the realities. If you’re paying sizeable sums each month/quarter/etc yet swear that it’s as rocky as it was 3-6 months ago, odds are that you’re not wrong. Complacency is rocketing as these foreign-owned companies realise that they can thin out costs and under-deliver while charging for services that they’re barely delivering on. It’s a proper shame, as they’re taking advantage of passionate business owners who are trying to do the right thing by ensuring their systems have proactive maintenance in-place.

Modern hosting provider + passionate digital agency = happy agency clients.

In this day and age, it pays to be ahead of the curve – that’s where we make sure our infrastructure stays. Overhauling platforms when they’re due for a major refresh isn’t something we run away from then handle badly (like some major providers you may know of). Staying current, secure and focusing on delivering above and beyond client expectations is what we stand for. Transparent, honest service backed by Australian staff who genuinely give a damn about your business and its clients. After all, if you can’t deliver 100% all the time due to your systems letting you down, we’re not worth a great deal, are we?

Impress your clients and empower your business with a tailored solution, designed for agencies.

Cookie cutter solutions belong in some industries, but not in ours. Your needs are unique and so are our solutions – we’re able to offer custom pricing, packages and ramp-up plans to ensure that your solution is the right fit for where you are now, and for where you’re heading. Contracts aren’t something we believe in for agencies; if you’re happy with your solution, you’ll stick around. We encourage open dialogues with our clients, and always tell you if/when we make a mistake. We’re accountable and love feedback as it’s straight from the source, and allows our team to improve even more than going off “best guesses”. Operations Operations

Carbon-negative & 100% Australian-owned

Started due to a rapidly dwindling market,™ began as part of a Managed IT firm’s service offering. From there, our clients have helped us scale to where we are now, and we’re just getting things fired up!

We’re here to exceed expectations, redefine norms and keep our industry accountable. Looking for premium service? You’ve found it!


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