What does “Australian hosting” mean these days?


Anything from foreign-owned locally-run to 100% Aussie owned, run & supported.

It tends to boil down to where the hosting server/s are physically located. By that logic, companies like GoDaddy with country-based “copies” of themselves suiting different markets (.com for USA, .com.au for Australia, etc) are offering Australian hosting just by having some of their hardware in Australia.

When we say that we’re 100% Australian, we really mean it.

The hosting and server markets in Australia are beyond swamped with major international conglomerates – Endurance International Group have almost 100 different brands in operation, just as one example (Arvixe, Bluehost, Domain.com, HostGator, HostNine, iPage, Reseller Club, Site5 & Unified Layer being some of the main ones).

If you take a snapshot of the hosting market in Australia right now, it’s not a very locally-owned sight. Crazy Domains are in the UAE, while GoDaddy, Digital Pacific, Crucial, Web City, Enetica, Vodien and Anchor are USA-owned. There’s been a few structure and ownership changes within the Melbourne IT / Web Central group/s – last we heard there’s local ownership and a mix of overseas and local support. We believe that few of those who say “Australian hosting” properly mean it – the marketing likely works, though we find it immoral.

As for properly Australian hosts, very few remain.

We’re part of a shrinking group of Australian companies dedicated to changing our industry for the better. International conglomerates love the Australian market for all the right and wrong reasons, and it’s important that they’re forced to consider the effects of their actions. Should every locally owned company sell out, then our market simply won’t exist any longer and no provider will listen to feedback as they simply wouldn’t need to.

Go local, go family-owned & go with 10+ years of experience.

Passionate about all that we do, you can help to re-claim the Australian hosting and server market by jumping on-board with LEOPARD.host. If you have pre-paid time elsewhere, let our team know and they’ll provision your service – you won’t be invoiced until your service would’ve been due with your old host. Easy and respectful – the way it should be!


LEOPARD.host Operations

LEOPARD.host Operations

Carbon-negative & 100% Australian-owned

Started due to a rapidly dwindling market, LEOPARD.host™ began as part of a Managed IT firm’s service offering. From there, our clients have helped us scale to where we are now, and we’re just getting things fired up!

We’re here to exceed expectations, redefine norms and keep our industry accountable. Looking for premium service? You’ve found it!


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