Application Hosting: High-performance compute for App APIs

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Operating an App in this day and age requires consideration, performance & up-time.

It can be a mammoth task to evaluate the marketplace and decide on where you’ll base your Application’s back-end to ensure it’s reliable, high performing and secure. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure only top-shelf vendors feature in our technology stacks – the result being resilience, reliability and comfort in knowing there’s no equipment in-play that you wouldn’t be comfortable with. Your app deserves the very best to fly 24/7.

Making sure you’re operating atop reliable and high-performing infrastructure is your Secret Weapon.

People make everything happen, and our crew of passionate industry experts are no different. They’re all about getting the most out of logically-built, high-performing systems – rather than starting wtih a solution and making it fit the problem, they prefer to ensure that your problem is understood and mapped to a well-fitting solution. Otherwise it’s not ideal for your App, and it doesn’t help us sleep at night. Everything in the Hosting world starts with the infrastructure at the very bottom, and we’re passionate about making sure it’s premium from top-to-bottom. (by TNC) operates in NEXTDC Tier IV Data Centres. Best of the best.

We’re directly partnered with NEXTDC, and primarily leverage their S2 Data Centre in Macquarie Park, Sydney. It’s a Tier IV facility, the best you’re able to reside within, & is rated Certified Strategic by the Australian Government – their highest level of certification for keeping Government data secure. NEXTneutral allows us to keep your Application Workloads carbon-negative, as we go beyond by also paying 2% revenue to Stripe Climate.

Leverage our Dell EMC servers, RAID10 Intel DC SSDs, Intel Xeon CPUs & industry-leading know-how 24/7!

Dell EMC have looked after our Servers for well over half a decade now, and we have no plans to go elsewhere. For storage, we leverage Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10 arrays for maximum performance. Compute is handled by Intel Xeon CPUs with hyper-threading. Our crew is comprised of people who were tired of the norms, and believed the Hosting deserves to be properly looked after. It’s the same with your App – give it the best!

Curious about how we’re able to host your back-end? Send us an email and we’ll query your set-up, then will present our Solution Plan to you. Operations Operations

Carbon-negative & 100% Australian-owned

Started due to a rapidly dwindling market,™ began as part of a Managed IT firm’s service offering. From there, our clients have helped us scale to where we are now, and we’re just getting things fired up!

We’re here to exceed expectations, redefine norms and keep our industry accountable. Looking for premium service? You’ve found it!


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