🏢 Colocation (S2) 
Fort Knox for tech!

Located in Macquarie Park NSW, the NEXTDC S2 facility is secure, premium and capable – providing us with the perfect space to welcome your gear into. Whether you’ve got 1RU or several cabinets, we’re ready for you.

Benefits of choosing us in NEXTDC S2

A safe haven for your finest gear

Environment monitoring

With temperature monitoring set, and a live feed of fire suppression, it’s safe.

10Gbps+ network speed

Our network’s built for growth, and it’s sure to help you scale. Whoosh!

IPv4 & v6 support

v4 is a finite resource, which is why we provide v6 as standard (/64 for free).

Secure facility, manned 24/7

Nothing’s getting past the walls of the data centre – it’s Fort Knox in here.

Access reports for space

Keen to know what’s going on with your colo? No worries, it’s reported!

Up-time reporting, goals

Always striving for greater up-time, we’re proud to rock a bunch of 9s.

Online management tools

Managing your rack-space shouldn’t be difficult, we make it nice & simple.

Expand easily as you grow

Looking for RasPi colo? 1 rack? 50 racks across different DCs? Done.

OOB access via VPN

You’ve got access no matter what’s decided to go poof on a Friday arvo.

Network speeds to suit your needs, whether 1/2, 5/10, or 20/40Gbps+

Purpose-built and proven Brocade network, supporting IPv4 & v6

CCTV, man traps, biometric & manned security 24/7/365

How we go about “housing for hardware”

With DDoS protection, redundant networking, high quality space & premium help, we’re here to help you succeed!

Exceptional up-time

Thanks to our continual investment towards the network & infrastructure under-pinning us, we average around 99.99% here at “The Uptime Business”

Multi-homed network

Our network’s multi-homed out of Sydney & Melbourne, using Megaport, Superloop and all major IXs. We’re peered with AARNet, GSL Networks, HE & Vocus.


Smart hands & help

Whether you need help planning upgrades, or if you need urgent works handled either remotely or on-site, we have techs ready to assist your team.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Answers to your colo queries 🔐

How quickly can I move my gear in?

Typically within 24 hours of agreeing with the terms and making your first colocation payment. Access to the facility is easy.

Is the OOB VPN configured automatically?

This depends on your configuration with us – if you’re bringing your own router and prefixes then it’s likely irrelevant, etc.

How easy is it to configure reverse DNS records?

Easy! Simply raise a ticket and our team will complete the request within 3 hours. Propagation is instant as far as our PTR nameservers are concerned, so global propagation is as prompt as possible.

I've got emergency access - how do I access the DC?

Ring our Network Operations Centre (NOC) citing your Operations ticket number. If you require smart-hands rather than emergency access, please make this clear in the ticket to assist our team.

What's done to keep my hardware secure at NEXTDC S2?

There is CCTV within and outside NEXTDC S2, and we have additional security coverage within our space. Audit logs are retained for all movements and open/close events. Please submit a detailed ticket if there’s anything you wish to query and a Manager will be in touch.

Where is the data centre located?

NEXTDC S2 is located at 6/8 Giffnock Avenue, Macquarie Park NSW. Access to the campus is not available unless previously approved.

How does redundant power work in my space?

You will have access to IEC outlets on 2 redundant power feeds, with one PDU on either side of the cabinet. NEXTDC runs each feed on entirely separate electricity connections, generator and battery sets.

Are there contracts? What's the minimum commitment?

Yes and it depends. You’ll need to agree to our contract as we need to pass on NEXTDC’s requirements to your entity, and there may be a minimum term depending on your commitment & the deal in-place.

Help! I need someone on the ground. What's the process?

Raise a ticket with our Operations team requesting on-site assistance, specifying the urgency and specifics of your request.

I've lost my NEXTDC IDAC - please help me, I need to get in!

Please raise a support ticket with your NEXTDC IDAC number and your colocation details, as well as details surrounding how the card went walkabouts, and we’ll organise its replacement ASAP.

Happy servers or a happy farewell 👋

Australian technical support

Professional engineers who work tirelessly and logically to resolve your problems, large or small. Account Managers who always properly plan deployments to minimise issues later on.

30-day money-back guarantee

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give you 30 days to work out how we fit in for you. Refunds are easy – cancel & go!

Get going with no set-up fees!

Let’s talk about racks