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KVM Hypervisors + Fibre Network + RAID10 SSD = Fast!

100% Australian. Carbon-negative. Free Migrations.

Proper Managed Services. Truly Above & Beyond.

Tier IV Data Centre (NEXTDC S2 in Sydney).

The earth, focused on Australia, with a computer mouse in-front.

Bullet-proof systems, backed by Australian Engineers you can ask just about anything!

Fully Managed cPanel VPS plans: Australian Support Engineers 👨‍💻 If you take multiple servers (a cluster), we establish a Slack Connect channel with your organisation for speedy comms!

Say goodbye to stress, and hello to our Fully Managed VPS Hosting – it’s a balanced mix of high-performing Linux systems, Australian Technical Account Managers and our bespoke outside-the-box approach to benefiting your business. Beyond our 60-day Money-back Guarantee, you’re welcome to contact us with a problem you’re facing with your current Hosting Provider so we can prove that it won’t be an issue with us. Easy!

A thank-you for your trust and faith in us.

10% off annual, 20% off biennial & 30% off triennial cPanel Managed VPS, forever. It really is that simple!

Behind every great company are industry-leading systems and approaches – relationships you can properly depend on.
From your internet and phones through to your online infrastructure, you need to be empowered to accomplish greatness in whichever forms you need.

That’s where our industry-leading service comes into the picture. We understand that your needs mightn’t be normal, and that your VPS and Compute infrastructure shouldn’t be either. provides industry-leading Fully Managed Services to our Fully Managed VPS Hosting clients, empowering them to depend on our Australian Technical Support engineers to resolve issues, toss around ideas & over-deliver to their clients. We’re here to surpass expectations with our systems and our service – here for you, always right behind you.

We're 100% Australian

From our Data Centres to our Australian Support crew through to being 100% Australian family-owned, we’re as Aussie as a Host gets. (we’re carbon-negative!)


Tier IV: Same as AWS!

We all like a bit of flexibility with our servers – we opt for hardened KVM and Tier IV NEXTDC S2 to under-pin our platform. Adventurous ideas? Easy.


Fully Managed VPS

Passionate local engineers work to empower your business 24/7 – delivering robust service & help as you need it. Deployment to projects, help & beyond.

Outgrowing hosting? Managed VPS Hosting is a wise move.

Managed KVM for Total control. Tier IV VPS for Total coverage. Dell EMC & Intel Data Centre to make sure your assets are stable. WordPress, WHMCS & other software to solve our clients’ issues.

Once you’ve scaled up into using a Managed Linux VPS (or several), you’ll start to realise that not every provider is created equal.

From the underlying host nodes to the compute and storage hardware, up to the hypervisor and networking configuration, it’s all critical to ensuring the “key four” – Reliability, Security, Flexibility and Performance. We’ve spent years refining our Managed VPS Hosting platforms and stay on the leading edge 24/7 with our approach. If your websites matter to you, get in touch about our Fully Managed VPS today!

Designed for WordPress

Stack-agnostic, we’ve got you.

Enterprise-grade Service

Dell + Xeon + RAID10 SSD + Fibre.

cPanel+WHM (Partner NOC)

For so long now, we’ve dug deep.


Trial VPS: Proving our might

Moving is good when it’s done right.

Latest Web Tech & Versions

Linux to PHP & SQL & on, patched.

Fibre Network with 10G links

Premium with solid capacity.

DDoS Protection always-on

GSL handles all the nasty traffic.

Free Migrations (No catch)

We’re here for your success always.

Premium Server Management

Managed Help – here to empower.

Agency? Tired of slow sites? Us too! Read on.

Serious hosting for serious websites isn’t as easy to find as we’d hope – unlike many others, we’ve taken the time to refine our systems to over-deliver 24/7/365. Our engineers are right here in Australia, and are knowledgeable enough to resolve problems while being unique enough to communicate with you effectively. Salvation! We think it really should be that simple to get effective service, and use open-source like Linux to empower you.

If you’re not sure we’re ready for your client sites, hear what Daniel Borg in Lake Macquarie has to say about psyborg’s Fully Managed servers.

What our clients have to say about us.

High praise from some of our favourite Aussie businesses!

We needed a blend of best practice mixed with a few wishlist items to push the limits. LEOPARD have continually provided us with the best support I have received, hands down. They’re our secret weapon, but I recommend them to everyone.

Isaac F.

Web Agency, Australia

We migrated all of our sites to LEOPARD from a provider who are no longer Aussie. Since then, they’ve fine-tuned our VPS to give our clients improved performance. We’ve been with them for almost half a decade & have no plans to move!

Jason & Lorna M.

Design Agency, Australia

It’s important to have your boxes ticked!

Form & Features that power-up our Fully Managed VPS. ✅

The power of cPanel+WHM with Hosting Engineers on-hand to assist.

Out-of-the-box your Managed VPS with includes cPanel+WHM, an industry-leading Hosting Control Panel system for end-users and tech-heads alike. From within your WHM interface, you’re able to define packages, options and then create cPanel accounts (Web Hosting Accounts). Your clients can then access their websites, or in the case of internal websites (ie. eCommerce sites across different areas/brands) you can make sure each website has access to its own server resources.

The software has been around since the 1990s. Beyond the flexibility of WHM, we deploy your cPanel Managed VPS using the latest and greatest supporting software, and allow for significant Cron Job loads, Remote MySQL & other developer-level access. It’s important that you’re able to get on with your business, whether you code, draw, plan or cruise.

Thoughtfully-engineered Systems, optimised by always-evolving innovation.

We’re always moving, and our Hosting Platforms are too. Your Managed cPanel VPS would run atop our tried-and-tested stack of enterprise-grade systems. They’re all backed by Open Source flexibility, something we’re firm believers in. Not only does this let us deliver even more functionality and flexibility to you, it means we’ve even greater access to the underlying systems, leading to faster solutions and proper explanations. It matters to us that you’re able to trust in the systems that underpin your business. Just the same as we leverage Dell EMC Cloud Servers, Intel Xeon CPUs & Data Centre SSDs (in RAID10).

To explain how we built our cPanel Managed VPS platform, while cPanel is known as the bee’s knees of Web Hosting control panels, in reality it’s a panel which brings together the Linux-backed power of a LARGE number of Open Source software packages. As our crew are Linux enthusiasts (100% Linux!) we’ve developed a bespoke web of systems internally that afford you total flexibility in managing your clients’ or group’s websites, while giving us total perspective and integration potential to support you.

Australian Support for your Australian Business – Hosting the way it should be done.

Oh, we have all been there – you get in contact with your provider to fix what seems like a relatively simple issue, and you’re led in circles by the very people who claim to want to help you. It’s not up-to-par and we don’t stand for it. Fully Managed means just that, and our Australian Crew are here to help you as needed. Often times this means we stretch outside the bounds of what you’d consider normal, as it means we’re able to be the trusted resource you know you can depend on. Managed with means Premium Support always.

We entrust NEXTDC’s Tier IV “S2” Data Centre in Sydney (AU) with your Servers.

As a NEXTDC Partner, we’re in their ecosystem and choose to house our infrastructure in their Tier IV “S2” Data Centre in Macquarie Park, NSW. It is a fault-tolerant building in how its systems have been designed and are maintained. From there, we have 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting against our rack-space as well as the environment – ensuring any variations to temperature, humidity or security are known about. We maintain strict Access Control over our physical assets to ensure your business is protected. Just as NEXTDC S2 is Certified Strategic by the Government’s Digital Transformation Agency. You can focus on business.

Every physical server is powered and uplinked from 2 separate sources – in the case of power, each feed has separate batteries, generators, etc. Cable paths out from NEXTDC S2 are diverse to avoid problems with fibre cuts. Just as we have 2 optical fibre routers, we have redundant switching, power (PDUs and PSUs) & beyond.

Networking is the key to business, and the key to our business as well – fibre-fed, that is.

You can’t have Hosting without a Network, and the Internet is just a Network of Networks. and our Managed VPS platforms fit into this through our Optical Fibre network. With its core based in NEXTDC, we have multiple 10Gbit/s links to carriers – providing us with diverse routing, DDoS protection and flexibility in how we deliver services, even during times of attacks against sites. Our network’s been engineered to segment traffic, ensure reliability and deliver performance – all while remaining silent in the background, letting you stay worry-free. There’s redundancy in every layer of our network.

Read our parent Company’s story with NEXTDC:

Monitoring is in-place for all Servers and Services, meaning you’re able to relax.

Peace-of-mind is what it’s all about, and we make sure to cover your Virtual Server/s with comprehensive monitoring. This expands from server-level up to service-level (from Operating System to IMAP/SMTP/etc-level), making sure you’re accessible how your clients and viewers need you to be. We monitor at 60-second intervals from international locations, starting checks within APAC (both within and outside our Data Centre presences) and verifying outside APAC in-case of isuses (to rule in/out network problems). If there’s a problem, escalation policies are followed to get incidents acknowledged and resolved.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is our 1st love, and CloudLinux only makes it better.

The age-old debate is whether Debian/Ubuntu or RHEL/CentOS is better suited to a server role. Since the beginning of cPanel, it’s been CentOS-focused. Though when Red Hat went a bit crazy with CentOS 8.x, the legendary team behind CloudLinux forged AlmaLinux to keep the RHEL-derived CentOS spirit alive. We’re proud to say that while we happily run a bunch of Debian systems, all of our Managed VPS systems operate CloudLinux – the definitive Operating System (OS) for Virtual Private Servers, especially those expecting any sort of real load. Across our Hosting and Supporting platforms, we also entrust CloudLinux.

If the heart is what matters in an artichoke, then the Kernel is what matters in Linux.

It’s for this reason (along with many others) that we entrust KernelCare to perform live kernel-patching 24/7/365. This removes the need for us to reboot your cPanel Managed VPS into updated kernel versions (ie. to patch CVE/s), as the portions in need of update are swapped on-the-go by KernelCare. You’ll never guess who makes it – that’s right, it’s the CloudLinux team. We’ve been using KernelCare since it was new to the market, and still trust it now.

Security takes a concerted effort to uphold. We go beyond off-the-shelf with Cyber.

From network security through to infrastructure design and beyond into server-level, we have systems and automations in-place to keep our crew across what’s happening. Whether it’s real-time malicious activity scanning (with immediate action on-detection) or trend analysis and automated remediation (ie. with malware events) we’re always refining how comprehensive our Security coverage is able to be for your online assets.

Fully Managed is meant to mean just that – and not that you owe $ in Managed Services.

We’re here to assist with getting your Managed VPS up and running, then to phase your clients across, and from there to refine and optimise your configuration. Moving across to us is just the beginning, and by the time you’re a few months into the process you’ll find us getting to the point of deep investigations into how we’re able to go even further for you. This is where other providers are quite happy to charge you outrageous amounts of money to cover what we do.

Server Management that works with you, grows with your business & adapts to your needs.

Whether you have a solid understanding of how the underlying systems work or are looking to deliver more value to your business while offloading the Server Management to a dedicated provider, we’re the crew for the job. Our Australian Support crew have been improving upon our Linux-based automations and innovations for years (after all, we’ve been a Company since 2016 and Hosting for a whole lot longer than that!), and continue to deliver upon client needs and desires. In August 2022, we launched another feature that our Managed Clients have been requesting – and would love to do the same with yours.

We are Reliable, and back this up with our 99.99% SLA.

From the Tier IV NEXTDC Data Centre through Dell EMC Cloud Servers and Intel Xeon CPUs and Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10, down to the KVM/QEMU-based hypervisors and redundant-by-design network layers, we’re all about keeping your presence online, high-performing and secure.

What you commit to, we specifically reserve just for you.

This is important as many Hosts seem to cruise right past it. While a VPS isn’t a physical box, it’s very much a part of one – and we ensure that your dedicated resources are yours, and yours only. From the Intel Xeon CPU cores to the ECC RAM and RAID10 SSD, what’s yours is yours. Stable Servers 24/7.

No hidden costs, no contracts, GST inclusive, all that jazz.

We’re in business to do good business, not to drive people crazy. Hosting is meant to keep your business flying (or in many cases, your business and those of your clients!) and we’re on a mission to do just that. No bill-shock, no nasty contracts, just quality Hosting backed by passionate people who love helping you.

Need help? You can get in touch with us when it suits you – Ticket, Email, Chat, etc.

Our lines are always open, and we’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s a problem or a situation you’re pondering, we’re all ears. From my.LEOPARD you’re able to view the status of your services and make contact with us, quickly and easily. Our Knowledgebase is always expanding, and we welcome requests for articles (published within 2 weeks if approved). Beyond that, FM-3/4 clients enjoy access to an Account Manager to provide bespoke service to them as they need it.

Transparent Status Advisories, with a Changelog to reflect what we’re doing to improve.

We’re an open book in terms of how we do things. You can view our Status Page and Changelog below to get an idea of how stable we are, and just how much we’re doing. It’s important to us that you know we’re open and direct – while it can be a shock, it’s something we pride ourselves on. Our technical crew are here for the best solutions, even if that means thinking outside the box or changing perspectives. At the end of the day, we’re here for you.


Carbon-negative Hosting/Compute without you having to lift a finger.

Looking after Earth is paramount considering the kilowatts of power we draw, which is why all of our Corporate and Customer Services are Carbon-negative by default. This is an always-on initiative that we run as a business. Carbon-neutral status is achieved through our NEXTneutral Membership (Climate Active), and we go carbon-negative by donating to Stripe Climate (2% of Card revenue) which goes towards carbon reduction/storage projects.

Australian Support Engineers, here to help you grow. We’re passionate about “going above and beyond” being the norm. 🇦🇺

Australian Hosted & Supported.

Not a fan of overseas tech support games? We don’t believe in endless department transfers, nor making you repeat what we already know. It’s easy to get help from Lenny and the gang.

60-day Money-back Guarantee!

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give you 60 days to work out how we fit in for you. Refunds are easy – cancel & go!

Acronym Glossary:

VPS = Virtual Private Server
KVM = Kernel Virtual Machine
Tier IV = True Fault-tolerance (Ref)
NOC = 24/7 Network Operations Centre
RAID = Redundant Array of Independent Disks
WHM = Web Host Manager, cPanel’s back-end panel
DDoS = Distributed Denial of Service (DoS) network attack
CPU = Central Processing Unit // SSD = Solid State Drive (No heat)


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60 days of Risk-free VPSing! You beauty.

We make it nice and risk-free to get going online with the help of a KVM VPS. Our team are here to help you, and we’ll make sure the migration over to us is a breeze. If we can’t make you happy in the first 60 days then we’ll refund you and provide a proper handover to your new provider – no stress, no worries!