KVM VPS Clusters with Geo-dispersed DNS 🌐

Tier IV NEXTDC Data Centres, Certified Strategic by the DTA.

Dedicated Email Filtering Gateway Appliance for your Cluster.

CloudLinux Cluster. Geo-dispersed DNS (Brisbane/Melbourne).

Space rocket graphic, with flames coming out of the bottom.

We’re a 100% Linux-powered business, leveraging its flexibility, dependability & inherent security.

Our crew have managed Internet Web Servers & the systems that sit behind them for over 10 years! We focus on delivering premium Managed KVM VPS Clusters that over-deliver 24/7 for your Business.

CloudLinux VPS Cluster

We run RHEL-based CloudLinux across all Managed Systems, and yours would too.

Geo-dispersed Private DNS

Less VPS load. Quicker DNS queries. Greater resilience, as DNS works if VPS’ don’t.

Email Filtering Appliance

Deployed just for your Business, you can enjoy inbound + outbound Email Filtering.

We strip back the top-soil, plan based on reality, and over-deliver.

Bullet-proof Clusters of KVM Virtual Servers, backed by nix.

NGINX + tuned Apache, MariaDB SQL, CloudLinux + KernelCare, ImunifyAV+, CXS & much more.

Our job is to exceed your expectations and keep your sites running at peak performance, no matter what. We’re a bunch of Linux enthusiasts who love nothing more than surprising clients with just how much value we’re able to deliver. We’re in business for good business.

iMac and MacBook on desk, with plant.

We’re incredibly passionate about delivering enterprise-grade services – this takes a whole-of-business approach to ensure we remain at the leading edge of what we’re able to deliver to our clients. It’s critical that our clients are able to depend on mission-critical infrastructure and all-Australian engineers.

Always innovating, refining and listening. LEOPARD.host is here for our clients 24/7/365.

Architecting True Convenience :: How so?

Whether you’ve got your Hosting Operations nicely organised or it’s a bit of a hot mess, we’re experts in piecing apart the chaos and delivering a Report that shows how we plan to tackle it for you. From there we deliver our industry-leading approach, where we cleanly architect a Managed VPS Hosting solution for your business, and begin to build it up specifically for your needs.

Not a lot is too much hassle for us – while a major upheaval at the beginning is hard work, it’s work that our crew handle for you. In the long run, getting through that work (letting us handle it!) empowers our clients to do exactly what we do – over-delivering for clients. Thoughtfully-built systems will survive the test of time, and we’ve designed our platforms to scale with you.

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Reliability, Security & Performance come first. Then convenience.

Whether you have key-pairs or use a spreadsheet for passwords, we have the guidance for you.

Passionate Crew of Linux Engineers who speak human.

Evolving Knowledgebase: Suggestions published quickly!

Best-practices Driven: We're passionate about doing it right.

Systems to Automate WP/etc Updating (inc. CVE patching).

Assistance with Abuse Reports, Malware, Spam & beyond.

S2 Sydney is an Uptime Tier IV hyperscale data centre, Certified Strategic by the Australian Government’s Digital Transformation Agency.

Supporting 100% complete fault tolerance, S2 delivers organisations the advantage of 100% uptime, ensuring they never compromise on the always on capability of their business operations. Built and run to global operational standards and operational excellence, S2 leads the way in terms of sustainability stewardship.

With a target PUE of 1.29, well below the industry standard (1.7), S2 champions the highest levels of energy efficiency. Showcasing the industry’s highest security protocols, S2 is governed by 24/7 onsite elite security monitoring, and is supported by the industry’s most highly specialised technical experts. In order to run a business that is ‘Always On’ and available to service consumer demand, ensuring you have the most reliable infrastructure supporting your business is critical to ensuring future growth and continued expansion.

NEXTDC’s focus and continued investment into building the most reliable infrastructure platform in the country is demonstrated in their Uptime Institute certifications for operational sustainability (Gold Operations) and completely fault tolerant Data Centre design and construction (Tier IV).

Click here to read NEXTDC’s Customer Story with The Network Crew Pty Ltd, our parent Company.




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What do our customers reckon?

Clients sharing the LEOPARD.host ❤️

Thank you to the LEOPARD team for making the migration of our services so easily and the on-going management a pleasure. Your business support has been outstanding.

Sam V.

Property Firm, Australia

Excellent customer service & attention to detail. They’re always happy to discuss things at a level I can understand. I’ve recommended them to friends who’ve been impressed.

Roger A.

Dental Practice, Australia

Bespoke VPS Clusters, backed by Technical Account Management.

Linux, KVM, RAID10, ZFS & more.

We’ve done the hard yards in narrowing down the ideal systems to power the vast majority of online ventures – we’re ready for you! Your needs will change along the way and that’s okay – we’re here to empower your crew.

Local Engineers who speak Human.

It’s no use if you’re having to get help from people who can’t make it understandable. We’re about ease-of-service from UX through CX. Our technical systems are designed to empower, not to frustrate!

We weaponise businesses. Join us.

We don’t cheap out on Data Centres (Tier IV NEXTDC), our Network (30G+ fibre-fed) or Servers (Dell EMC). From there, our Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10 keep workloads cruising, and our bespoke automated systems internally are sure to impress you. Persistently in pursuit of true Customer & Technical Service excellence 24/7/365.