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Behind every great company are industry-leading systems and approaches – relationships you can properly depend on.
From your internet and phones through to your online infrastructure, you need to be empowered to accomplish greatness in whichever forms you need. That’s where our industry-leading service comes into the picture. We understand that your needs mightn’t be normal, and that your VPS and Compute infrastructure shouldn’t be either. Leading the way is the LEOPARD.host™ way!

We’re here to surpass expectations with our systems and our service – here for you, always right behind you.

We're 100% Australian.

From our Data Centres to our Australian Support crew through to being 100% Australian family-owned, we’re as Aussie as a Host gets. (Plus we’re carbon-negative!)


Tier IV: Just like AWS!

We all like a bit of flexibility with our servers, which is why we opt for a hardened version of KVM and Tier IV NEXTDC S2 to under-pin our platform. Adventurous ideas? Easy.

Quick: Built to satisfy.

Tired of your provider upgrading you to lack-lustre systems? No longer – let us show you how it’s meant to be! High-performing & flexible systems = limitless potential.



Virtual Private Servers (VPS) – Your servers, your way!

VPS: Self-Managed your way! (DIY) 🧳

You’re into root-level access to your Servers and managing security through up-time yourself, and we have the SSD VPS plans to suit! Our Self-managed VPS range is KVM-powered, backed by Intel Xeon CPUs and ECC RAM. Australian Servers (Dell EMC)! Take control & have fun!

Outgrowing hosting? Managed VPS Hosting is a wise move.

KVM VPS = Total control of your data.

Once you’ve scaled up into VPS Hosting, you’ll start to realise that not every provider is created equal. From the underlying host nodes to the compute and storage hardware, up to the hypervisor and networking configuration, it’s all critical to ensuring the “key three” – Reliability, Security and Performance. We’ve spent years refining our Australian VPS platforms to make sure we’re offering the best in the market 24/7/365 – if your websites matter to you, get in touch about our Fully Managed VPS Hosting solutions today!

Back-ups with RAID 24/7

Because sometimes the unthinkable happens. You’re covered if it does.

Enterprise Infrastructure

Never over-sold, meaning you’re always able to cater to online traffic spikes.

Resource holder? APNIC/RIR

Whether IP/s from us, BYO prefix/es or you need to apply (APNIC), we’re ready!

Service-level alarms (FM)

Having peace of mind is important. Managed plans enjoy full alerting.


Backed by our honest and accountable approach to incident handling.

Full-speed Internet (Optical)

Over our premium network, you won’t experience “cheap high-speed” probs.

DDoS Protection always-on

Global Secure Layer reliably handles all of the nasty traffic that we’re thrown.

Run or roll your own Kernel

KVM being fully virtualised gives you kernel-level control. Serve it your way!

Premium Support (M-VPS)

Without any confusing pricing. Our techs are veterans in the Hosting space.

Same great systems, Fully Managed, for total peace of mind!

VPS: Fully Managed by us 24/7/365 👨‍💻

Say goodbye to stress, and hello to our Fully Managed VPS Hosting – with old-school passionate support, industry-leading platforms and transparent incident handling, we’re here for you. Beyond our 60-day Money-back Guarantee, you’re welcome to contact us with a problem you’re facing with your current Hosting Provider so we can prove that it won’t be an issue with LEOPARD.host™. Please get in touch if you’d like a proposal!

It’s important to have your boxes ticked!

Your questions, our answers. 📮

FAQs for everybody!
I'm not sure which VPS is right for me - how do I tell?

Every server caters to different needs, and it’s important that your VPS is suited to your requirements. You may have a large number of relatively quiet websites, or a small numbers of busy websites – those 2 examples may end up both needing an FM-3 plan for example.

Where there’s a decent/strong growth trajectory, we may instead recommend 1x or 2x FM-3/4 plans to ensure that you have a small cluster that’s able to move with your needs. Our unique approach to software and house-keeping leaves your websites quick, efficient and reliable.

First and foremost, we recommend having a chat with our Sales team – regardless of if/when you do or don’t plan to make a change, we can help you to understand your status quo and make a more informed decision.

How easy is it to upgrade or downgrade my new VPS?

Very easy. Depending on whether you’re going up or down in size, some work may be needed on your end due to restrictions with disk down-sizing however the majority of changes are easy and quick to implement (RAM, CPU, SSD increase, etc). Sales are here to help!

How thorough is the monitoring of the VPS platform?

Very! Our data centre PoPs are monitored for access via CCTV and alerting. We have temperature monitoring in-place, as well as power feed and hardware monitoring.

Beyond that, the hypervisors, networking interfaces and all VMs are kept under close watch. Depending on the plan you choose, services & further parameters are monitored closely.

Do you offer Dedicated Servers as well as Virtual/VM?

Depending on your needs, we do! We have a powerful VPS platform that we prefer to offer, however pre-defined and custom dedicated servers are also available.

ADD-ONS: Resources, OS/CL, cPanel+WHM & Back-ups
OS & Resources (OS)
  1. Linux/open-source: FREE
    1. ie. AlmaLinux, CentOS, Debian, etc
  2. CloudLinux OS: See the other list
    1. Price depends on cPanel or bare
  3. Custom ISO: Upload online for free
Extra Resources (Self-managed):

RAM: $10/month per 1GB (ECC)
CPU: $20/month per 1 core (Xeon)
SSD: $50/month per 100GB (RAID10)

cPanel & WHM (Control Panel)
  1. cPanel Admin (5 accounts) $20/month
  2. cPanel Pro (30 accounts) $30/month
  3. cPanel Premier (100 accounts) $50/month
    1. Tiers up to 1,000 accounts on-order
    2. Beyond that, Sales can help!
Back-up Software (& Storage)

JetBackup: $15/month, plus storage:

  1. 500GB: $20/mo
  2. 1TB: $40/month
  3. 3TB: $110/month
  4. 8TB: $250/month
FAQs for tech-heads!
How do you tackle maintenance work?

We transparently report our maintenance, upgrades, outages and other advisories via https://the.uptime.business – you can subscribe via email, Slack, webhook and other methods, or script/ingest the RSS feed how you please!

Generally speaking, we work on Friday nights with works extending into Saturday/Sunday nights if/as needed. Other than that, we have a quiet maintenance schedule thanks to systems such as KernelCare for rebootless kernel patching removing much of the need for downtime. Our systems are monitored 24/7.


Am I able to power cycle my server online?

Yes! Through your control panel, you’re able to power off, restart and power on your VPS, amongst a range of other options.

What are the hardware specs of your nodes?

We run a tried and tested blend of Dell Cloud servers, Intel Xeon CPUs, enterprise-grade ECC memory and Intel Data Centre SSDs in RAID10 to keep performance high across our VPS platforms.

Do you offer support of Windows Server VMs?

We do! You’re able to deploy Windows Server 2019 via my.LEOPARD, though other versions (ie. 2012 R2 / 2016) can be requested through our friendly Sales team.

Older versions are recommended against (ie. 2008).

ADD-ONS: Software (ie. LiteSpeed) & Security
LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS)
  1. Web Host Lite – 1 worker: $40/month
  2. Web Host Pro – 2 workers: $60/month
  3. WH Enterprise – 4 workers: $90/month
  4. Web Host Elite – DIY workers: $120/mo
    (All inc. LS Cache & LiteMage Starter)
System Protection (& Stability)
  1. CloudLinux OS: $20/month
  2. KernelCare: $5/month
One-click Installers (Web Apps)
  1. Installatron: $5/server/month
    1. Our main recommendation
  2. Softaculous: $5/server/month
    1. Good if you already use it
  3. WP Toolkit: $2/account/month
    1. Dev to Prod staging & more!
    2. Click here for the Info Sheet
Account Security (& Anti-virus)
  1. ImunifyAV+: $20/month
    1. Anti-virus platform
  2. Imunify360 ∞: $40/month
    1. AI/ML-based anti-virus

Agency? Read a Case Study.

Serious hosting for serious websites isn’t as easy to find as we’d hope – unlike many others, we’ve taken the time to refine our systems to over-deliver 24/7/365. Our engineers are right here in Australia, and are knowledgeable enough to resolve problems while being unique enough to communicate with you effectively. Salvation!

If you’re not sure we’re ready for your demanding sites, hear what Daniel Borg in Lake Macquarie has to say.

What our clients have to say about us.

High praise from our favourite people!

We needed a blend of best practice mixed with a few wishlist items to push the limits. LEOPARD have continually provided us with the best support I have received, hands down. They’re our secret weapon, but I recommend them to everyone.
Isaac F.

Design Agency, Australia

We migrated all of our sites to LEOPARD from a provider who are no longer Aussie. Since then, they’ve fine-tuned our VPS to give our clients improved performance. We’ve been with them for almost half a decade & have no plans to move!

Lorna M.

Design Agency, Australia

Australian help, always here for you. 🇦🇺

Australian Hosted & Supported.

Not a fan of overseas tech support games? We don’t believe in endless department transfers, nor making you repeat what we already know. It’s easy to get help from Lenny and the gang.

60-day Money-back Guarantee!

We get it, not everyone is going to love how we do things, but given how few clients leave us, we happily give you 60 days to work out how we fit in for you. Refunds are easy – cancel & go!

60 days of Risk-free VPSing!

We make it nice and risk-free to get going online with the help of a KVM VPS. Our team are here to help you, and we’ll make sure the migration over to us is a breeze. If we can’t make you happy in the first 60 days then we’ll refund you and provide a proper handover to your new provider – no stress, no worries!